Thursday, January 12, 2012

Long time no see :(

Long time no see.... if you get my drift.
Thought that i would take the time to drop by here on my blog, though i don't have any cards or any other crafty projects to share with you. :(
I am not sure when i will be getting back to crafting as a lot has happened since March of 2011 till now....  Hopefully all that is behind us now 
I am learning to move on and enjoy my life again, with thanks to my gorgeous children, my Dad, special friends and the new man in my life. :)  
With the current circumstances of where we are living space is a huge issue, I have craft stuff every where, from out in the shed to in the loft and spaces in between lol,  I may have to resort to crafting on the dining table again.. going back to where i started... lol.. who knows. That is if i can remember how to colour, i think that i am a little scared to pick up my copies again.... lol. 
anyways, I hope that you all had a fabulous Christmas and i want to wish you all (though a little late) A happy and healthy New Year
hopefully if i can get my head back in the game i'll be back with something crafty to share again soon. 
I miss you all sooooo much
hugs Rach. xxx


gina g said...

Hi Rach i was wondering where you had got to hun, sorry to hear that you've had probs hun but so glad to hear that you are starting to enjoy life again. luv gina xx

Elaine said...

So nice to see you here Rach!!
Of course your family and your own wellbeing is far more important than card making and blogging but I do hope you get some time in the near future to get creative again.
I know darn well you won't have forgotten how to colour...though I could always pray that you have! Far too much talent contained in one little person, and I think all that talent should be shared around more equally..preferably in my direction!
Fab to hear from you, and I wish you a very happy and healthy 2012 with your family and new fella. I hope this year brings you nothing but good times, love and laughter.

Hugs Elaine xxx

Diamond Doll said...

Hi Rach,I,m so glad that you are enjoying life again.I have had my fare share of lifes ups and downs and i am happier now than i have ever been.and i am sure the same will be for you, your new man and your gorgeous children .
Hope to see you crafting again and you get some new crafting space too.
Take care
Trish (-:

Debbie said...

So nice to hear from you, and to know that you are alive and well. Glad that what ever happened is behind you now and you are moving forward. I've always crafted on my dining room table so I'd don't know any better, and I am sure once you pick up a copic again, it's like riding a bike it all comes back. Stay well, and a Happy and Healthy New Year to you as well, and may 2012 bring you much peace and joy.


Nicola said...

Well hello sweetie pie, so pleased to hear life is on the up. Wishing you all the best for 2012.
Nicola -x-

Val said...

Hi Rach - so pleased to see you back again. Very sorry to hear that things have not been rosy over the past year, but really great that things are better and on the up.

I wish you a happy, safe and healthy 2012.


Sue from Oregon said...

Welcome back Rach, sorry to read of your tough 2011...2012 will be your year!!!!!!

Donalda said...

I am so glad you posted dear. I have been so worried about you. I am glad to know you are okay and I do hope and pray things will work out for you dear. You deserve the best hon.
Now I know you haven't forgotten how to color. It is like riding a bike lol
Best of luck dear in the future and please keep in touch. Your in my thoughts and prayers dear.
Sending Big Hugs your way (((()))))

Rachel F said...

ditto to all the above comments :-)
Wishing you all the best for 2012 and can't wait to see your crafting.

Sinikka said...

Hi Rach, glad that you are back!!!! Wish you a great 2011 and hope you will start with lot of luck, love and happiness.
I missed your great work.
Hugs Sinikka

Marina said...

Im glad to hear from you and hope, things are better now.
I wish you all the best for 2012.


heidy said...

I agree with the ladies above me Rach,so glad to hear from you!
Wishing you all the best for 2012
Big hugs Heidy

Vanessa (aka V'ness, Nessa, oldschool) said...

hugs sweet friend!
Happy Everything back to you & yours!!!

Pysselbus said...

Rach - you have been missed!! So sorry to hear that your 2011 has been hard for you but that only means that 2012 will be better!

Wish you and your loved ones a fantastical 2012!


Debs said...

So pleased to hear from you Rach - hope to hear & see lots more soon :o)
Here's to a Happier Healthier New Year for you and yours.
Take care
Debs xx

Suzie Q said...

Hi Rach,
So good to see you back and a cracking photo x
2012 is your year!!! it's official i've decided , i wish you luck and hope to see your wonderful creations soon x
suzie QX

Penni said...

Hi Rach

I'm so pleased to hear that things are getting better for you - make 2012 your year !!!!

Take care.


arjette said...

Hi Rach!!! Good to 'see' you again!!! I was wondering where you were.... sorry to read you had a difficult time but I hope everything is getting better for you from now on!!!! And I think you will never forget how to color with your copics, just pick them up again and do some coloring, I'm sure you'll do great!!!!!

gr. Arjette.

Suzilou said...

So good to see you Rach, sorry to hear 2011 has given you a rough ride, but so glad to know you are safe and well, was getting a little worried. Be great to see some of your crafty creations but know what it's like to have your life turned upside down. Stay strong and hopefully see you back soon :) xx

Squirrel x said...

Oh babes, it is so good to hear that you are ok and being positive. 2012 is the year for you to return to crafting hun, we have missed you and your gorgeous work. Huge hugs, Sxx

Artyjen said...

Hi there sweetie! Glad you are o.k. and life seems to be happier again ;) (Even if you have to craft on the dining table!) LOL
xoxo Sioux

Magda said...

Hi Rach,
I am so glad to hear from you again!!!
It makes my day !!!!
I feel happy now I know you'r feeling better .
Wish you all the best
Have a nice weekend
With love

Exclusively by Mel said...

Hi lovely,
About time too!! missed you.
So gald your back,and that your happy!!!
Love, Mel. xxx

kaylou said...

Hi Rach Hunny
so nice to hear from you, I sure from now on you will have an amazing future, please don't be scared to colour again you are so fantastically talented and you shouldn't let it go to waste.... and the space thing I'm still a dining room table
sending you some love and crafty hugs
Kaylou xx

Helene said...

So nice to see you back! I'm pretty sure your coloring skill are still there, you're the best!
I wish you a happy new year as well, may 2012 bring you lots of happiness!

NormaJean said...

AWW Rachel ((((((((hugs)))))))), I sure do miss seeing you around here, You've Helped me with your Nice and caring comments, threw my rough time, So Happy things are getting better for you...its amazing how our children can help in rough times...And I think no matter where you craft , you make beautiful stuff like always, heck half my copic colors come from your video'
Hugs Rach....
Luv Norma

Anne said...

Missed you Rach. Glad life is being kinder to you and hope to see your fabulous card in blogland very soon. Hugs x

Sandie said...

Nice to hear from you again :) GO YOU! with your new man *swit swoo* and hey, nothing wrong with the kitchen table, needs must! xx

Sheena said...

So glad to see that you're OK.
I can't wait to see any new things that you make but the main thing is that you get yourself sorted in your own time.
I hope 2012 is better for you than 2011 was and that you will be a happy bunny!


NGCARDS said...

Hiya hun!
I was wondering about you the other day, spooky timing! lol
Hope your doing well, it sounds like there has definitely been a lot of change in your life recently.
Hope to see you crafting again soon :)

Jane said...

Oh Rach hunni it is so lovely to "hear" from you!! Been so worried about you and missed you loads! I hope 2012 is a better year for you and I'm sure it will be and I just know you're colouring will still be perfect - you can't loose talent like that! biggest of hugs, Jane xxx

Heidi said...

I am so happy to see you again ♥ and I really hope this year will bring you the best

Hugs and love

Vicky said...

Hi sweetie

I was so shocked to see your name on my blog but sooooooooooooo happy as well shug. We've missed you here & I dont believe for 1 second you have forgot how have the most talent possible hun.
I am so glad you have had the love & support to get you thru the last awful months hun & I hope that 2012 brings you nothing but happiness & good luck cus you so deserve it hunni. Life throws us into darkness at times & you wonder if you will ever find that light again.....but you do hun & it will shine brighter than ever for you shug I'm sure of that.
Take care hun big hugs to you & your family. Hope to see your creations soon hun I really do. Enjoy life we only get 1 shot at it so grab it by the horns hun.

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

Deb said...

so happy to see you back, I have been thinking of you and wondering how you were getting on. So glad that you have turned the corner and I hope that this year will bring you lots of happiness!
I am sure you will soon be back in the swing of the things and creating again, can't wait to see your amazing cards again!
take care hun, hugs Debxx

Esther said...

Welcome back!!! So nice to see that you come back!! Sometimes life can be so hard but after the rain there comes always the sun also in our lifes. Sometimes we think it won't go this way no more but then when you look beack you've seen that the clouds are gone buy and the sun comes even just a little bit more from behind the clouds and begins to shine. You have so much talent Rach it's just like swimming,you don't forget it your whole live I know. I know what it means to have hard times in life but even if your colour on the kitchentable or as I do in my bed,your copics will bring you happiness and you will come back to us. I can hardly wait to see you back on your blog with a new card. Big hugs and know that we've missed you a lot!
Esther <3 xxx

Renkata said...

Hey stranger:)
So happy to see you here Rach.
I have been missing you sweetie.
I wish you all the best in 2012 , I am sure it will be amazing year for you.

stephanne said...

So glad to get an update from you, your craft work is amazing and inspiring and I miss not getting a glimpse of your handmade treasures every now and then!! So, when you do get back to crafting, be it from the dining room table or otherwise, I'll be here waiting to see it lol!! Maybe some craft therapy is in order after your turbulence last year?? Wishing you well hun!!
hugs, stephanne

Céline said...

Hi Rach gld to hear you are well

craftymum said...

so good to hear you are back Rach. We have all missed your stunning creations. There is no way you will ever forget how to colour!

I am also glad to hear that life is sorting out for you and your family

Always in our thoughts
hugs Sarah x

Vee said...

Hi Rach!It's so nice to see you back in blog land again I've thought about you often and I'm so glad you're feeling happier with life. Looking forward to seeing your fab creations again. I hope 2012 holds lots of happiness for you and your family.
xx Vee

Stephanie said...

Rach, I have missed you so much so it's wonderful to hear from you! You take care & I look forward to being inspired by you creatively when you are ready - onwards & upwards beautiful lady :) xxx

CraftinGranny said...

Welcome back!!! Have missed you and so looking forward to your wonderful inspiration. I knew you'd make it back sooner or later if ya hadn't died on us......LOL

Glad to hear there are positive and new happenings in your life. Nothing like change to make us a new woman, stronger, healthier, and happier. Life can be so good! Take care sweetie and come back to us soon. "Hugs" Carol

Shazza said...

how lovely to hear from you Rach. Glad things are getting better, hope things continue to improve and that in time you can bless us with your talent once again
big hugs
Shazza x

Chris said...

Lovely to see your message today Rach and I wish you all the very best of things for 2012.

I'm sure getting back in the crafting groove will be just like riding a bike, you never forget :D and I look forward to seeing your creations when you're all organised.

Chris x

Hazel said...

Woo Hooo - Rach is coming back - yipee!

Sorry to hear of your horrible year and I wish you all the very best going forward.

I know you won't have forgotten how to colour and the dining room table is the perfect place to do it!

So, so, so glad your back.

Take care


Hazel x

Deborah Jane said...

Hi Rach...Happy to see you are still around, I think everyone has missed you. Wishing you happiness in 2012 and the future, I'm sure you will soon be on track and life will get better.

Much love

Debbie x

Francy said...

Hi Rach,
I am so glad to hear you again!!!
Wishing you all the best for 2012!
ps:We wait all your wonderful creations!

Dona said...

Welcome back, you were missed!! Glad you are well and sorry to hear that you had a rough year. Your colouring talent is amazing!!! Good things for 2012. Welcome back again!

moi said...

Welcome back, I miss you and your beautifil cards. Don't think you forget how to colour. ;)
Good luck, moi

cats whiskers said...

Hi my darling girl;, you ahve been greatly missed, just pop on here even if you haven't any thing to post just so we know how you are. I am so pleased things have started to look good again just enjoy it my dear. Hey hun colouring likes learning to ride a bike, you will still knock the socks off of us, your colouring is the very best. Be Good and lots of love to the family and of course your new man

Huggles to you my dear friend
Jacs xxxxx

Rica said...

Oh Rach, have been worried and concerned about you, I can't tell you to know your s******* time seem's to be ending!!! Look ward to be seeing you soon,
love & kisses
Heather xx

Archies Mum said...

Welcome back, nice to see some words from you after such a long time. Sorry to read that 2011 wasn't a good year for you. Fingers crossed that 2012 is better. Take care

Marion said...

Hi Rach,
So nice to see you post on your blog.
I am glad things are getting better for you. Let us hope that 2012 is a good year.
Happy New Year hun

Nannieflash said...

Oh Sweetheart Im so glad you are back and have turned an dreadful corner in you life and at last things are looking GOOD for you, you do so deserve it.
I carnt wait to see your projects and cards you always bring so much into our lives so please dont take to long as weve missed you so much. Do take care and enjoy your life. hugs Shirleyxxxxx

Gunilla/Nilla said...

I was thinking about you the other day and how you were doing AND here you are. So HAPPY to see your posting and that you are doing fine.
The day that you will get back to crafting will be the best day ever for me. You are for sure a big inspiration and soooo very talented!!

Sending you a BIG hug and lots of love♥//Gunilla

dragonfly60 said...

Hi Rach
Good to hear from you. You are missed but take the time you need for you. I for one, can wait until you are ready.
Warm hugs,
Irene L

kelly said...

Sorry to hear you've had a rough time.Heres to a happy 2012! I've missed seeing your amazing creations,like everyone,all the best Hun

Digi Darla said...

Oh, oh, oh so sorry to hear about your difficult time, but was SO very happy to hear from you with good news and that things are looking up for you! God bless you, Rach! XXXX~DigiDarla (Kim)

Shirley N said...

Hi Rach, sorry to hear that things were rough in 2011 but that there's much to look forward to in 2012. I've missed your wonderful creations and look forward to when you can come back to us in blogland. Take care!

~ Ali ~ said...

Hi gorgeous good to see you posting although I nearly missed it lol :O)

you forget to colour!!!! NEVER

Wishing you and yours all the very best for 2012...this is YOUR year sweetie!

Ali x

Debby said...

Nice to see you back Rach.Sorry to hear you have had a hard year.Hope this one will be much better.

Liz's creative corner said...

Hi hun, nice to hear from you, hope all is ok, life eh! sending you best wishes, hugs Liz xx

Renee G said...


I kept checking and kept checking looking for some inspiration from your wonderful art work...i have missed you and i pray that with what ever has happend, you will find your way back to your art and to your blog! We all miss you! I am so sure that you will get right back on that bike and ride again when it comes to coloring as you are fantastic at it! Hugs to you and hope to see you soon! Renee'

Becky said...

Hi Rach, so glad to here you are doing well.
Do not be afraid to pick up your copics, you are blessed with talent.

Mandi said...

Often think of you Rach and hadn;t seen this update..Good to hear you are on an upward turn

Look after yourself, we don;t needs cards to hear from yu, don;t be a stranger
Miss you
mandi xxxx

xxxtglxxx said...

Thanks for the update hun, I kept checking back here periodically, and reading between the lines, it seems you have had such a tough time :(

When you get yourself in the right place, it will all just fall back into place IYKWIM, and we will all still be here :)

Blogging and crafting is for fun, but real life is much more important, so your priorities are yours :)

Take care and hope you get back with some wonderful inspiration when the time is right hun.



Angie said...

Happy to hear that you're well Rach. Life has a way of mending wounds with time. When you do feel like it and pick up a marker again, we'll all be waiting here to see your beautiful work once again.

Take care,


Joey said...

OOOOH Rach its so nice to see you, hope you can find some time to get those copics out and get creating again, we sure do miss you! Joey xx

Elisabet said...

Hi Rach,
I just discovered your blog and LOVE IT (said in a high squeeky giggly type voice)! Thanks so much for both the box tutorial as well as the cracked glass tutorial. Super! (I covet your fridge!) LOL!
Please come back to your blog soon - you are too fabulous to not be here a little more often...
Beth P

Elisabet said...

Terrible me, forgot to say I am sorry you have been going through a rough patch in happens, it sucks, we move on...eventually! You are a together gal and you have too much talent to let someone take it away from you no matter what (I may be stepping out of bounds here but I've been there too). So, if I may, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and another lesson in life learned!
Hugs and much love,
Beth P

Janette said...

Hi Rach, I am so very sorry to have read this and hope things get better for you real soon...I have missed seeing all your gorgeous creations, so hurry back, you will never forget how to colour sweetie, no way......take care and look forward to seeing you soon.xxxxxxxx

kaz_za's crafty corner said...

hi Rach
just popped by ... not seen you round much...and reading post i can see why... i hope you and your family are having a wonderful Easter... hope you are doing well...

Janette said...

Just keep coming back over to see if your around, you are missed in blogland Rach....really hope life is being kind to you and we will see you back soon.xx

Cathy A said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, I love your cards and hope you are able to get back to crafting soon!

Veronica said...

I miss you here in your blog!
I dont know you but I know you and your wonderful work in here, at your blog.
I miss your creations, your inspiration.
I hope you are doing ok!
I hope you will be back soon.

Hugs, Veronica (Stockholm, Sweden) said...

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