Handmade Cracker tutorial


This tutorial was  created for the whiff of joy Tutorials and inspiration blog..
i posted it on here at a later date so that all my tutorials are in one place. :)
Handmade Cracker tutorial…

What is a Christmas Cracker?

A Christmas Cracker is a decorated paper tube, twisted at both ends. A person pulls on each end of the cracker and when the cracker breaks, a cracker strip “pops” and the contents of the cracker falls out..in the U.K Crackers are usually placed at each persons place at the dinner table. They are pulled with the person next to them at the table before eating.. there is usually a paper hat and a quote or joke inside the cracker along with a small gift/token.. the dearer the cracker cost the better the token is..


these are the things that i used to create my cracker.. you will also need glue/tape and your filling ..

the pattered paper ..(7.5” x 12”) i have used dp but you could use Christmas wrapping paper, (the thinner the paper the easier it is to break when pulled.)

stiffener ends (2” x7”) plain white card

toilet roll tube.

A Cracker Snap… for the pop (bought from my local craft shop)

some ribbon for tying the ends..

small gift, paper hat and joke..(not shown above) you can usually purchase these things from your local craft shop.


place toilet roll tube on the reverse side of the paper you are using.. making sure that the tube is centred across the length of the paper. Add some sticky tape or glue, to the centre at the front edge of the paper, stick the toilet roll to the sticky strip…


stick the cracker snap as shown in picture above.. making sure it is in the centre of the paper.. only stick the centre leaving the rest of the snap free… else it isn’t going to pop…


stick some tape to the top edge of the dp… as shown above…

and roll the paper around the toilet roll and securing with the tape at the top edge.

so you should have the same as the picture shown below


take one of the stiffeners and add tape as shown above…


roll the stiffener so that it is smaller than the diameter of the cracker end and insert it into the end (being carful not to stick the edges where the tape is together..tricky bit) be careful not to trap the snap when doing this.

spread the stiffener out to the outer edges of the cracker wall and secure with the tape.. making sure the edges all line up.


you should end up with something like the picture above…


next with your fore finger and thumb squish the paper together between the toilet roll and the stiffener..(this is where if you used thinner paper it is easier..be careful if using thicker paper like me as it may tear)


tie some ribbon round the squished (gathered) end, to hold the opening closed.


add your goodies to the cracker through the still opened end….

(paper hat, joke, small gift)

close the end up with ribbon the same way as before once you have added your gifts…

I don’t have a hat.. or a written joke.. but hopefully you will get the idea…


Decorate your Christmas Cracker how you wish.. i used the mini quiet Santa that i got in my dt kit…. from

to decorate mine.. this smaller image is perfect for this project…

the dp i used is alpine frost by S.e.i

hope you enjoyed this little tutorial.

Hugs Rach


Image : mini Quite Santa

here is a link to the regular quiet Santa


illustrated by Elisabeth Bell