Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Box Tutorial. :)

Hiya and welcome,
A little while ago i said that i would make a box tutorial and Tina mailed me to kindly say that she had already made one for the same style of box…. so I decided that i wouldn’t need to make one.. and instead left a link on one of my posts to Tina’s blog..  but Although Tina has created a fantastic tutorial over on her blog that is similar to how i make my boxes they are still different.. and i am still getting mails asking about my boxes… soooooo i have gone ahead and made the tutorial anyway, so you can have a choice now of Tina’s fabby tutorial (hers by the way are far more professional than my own) or mine. Smile  …. Right then…
First thing.. i get asked about card, type and where i get mine from.. I usually buy Textured and wove card.. and go for the  Laid Card (Finely Ridged) - 300gsm (500 mic)… I say usually because i have gone for a different card… (advocate smooth 330gsm brilliant white card un-creased…) I thought that it would be even thicker.. but because it is smooth it doesn’t feel as thick as the laid card.. if you get what i mean.. anyway..

for 6” x 6” card..
I use for the base.. 9 3/16 “ x 9 3/16” (nine and three sixteenths of an inch)
for the lid….. 9 5/16” x 9 5/16” (nine and five sixteenths of an inch)
breaking it down.. 6” for the card size.. 1.5” for the sides.. (3/4” for the side and 3/4 inch for the bit that folds inside.. (double this for both sides)..  the extra bit is for the fold over and the space so that the card isn’t squished on the base and on the lid so it fits nicely over the base..
you could adapt this for any size card you wanted.. even alter the depth.. which is what  i do if i have a card where the embellishments are higher..
remember also if you have things hanging over the sides of your cards.. you will need to accommodate for this in the box, (i am only saying this as i have done it.. made a box for a 6x6 card and then wondered why it wouldn’t fit my card with extra’s doh!!!)
Items needed for box
items needed.  card, score board, scissors and tape
Score @ 3/4” & again @ 1 1/2”. turn the cardstock and do this on all four sides.
where to cut
after scoring. cut on the lines in the order shown above.. hope that this makes sense. i have enlarge one of the corners  to explain better..
add tape and crease
once cut you should have a shape like this.. mine is rotated… lol… just to confuse..  add tape as shown and fold along the score lines.
fold in triangles
1 fold in the little triangles. on the one side.
like so..  and fold over flap 2
like so… I run my bone folder along just to make it nice and flat..
do this to the opposite side, so you should look like this so far..
to finish, just fold over the two remaining flaps, run the bone folder along the inside just to make sure all is flat and tidy..
Do the same to the lid and voila, you have your very own handmade box…
hope that you have found this useful..
hugs Rach.


craftymum said...

Wonderful tutorial Rach. Guess what all your followers will be making in the next few days!!!!!
hugs Sarah x

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial.

greetings, Claudia

heidy said...

Oh Fantastic tutorial Rach,I think Sarah is right he he
Hugs Heidy

CraftinGranny said...

Awesome and easy to understand/follow tutorial. Thanks so very much for making it short and detailed. "Hugs" Carol

Céline said...

fab tutorial Rachel! thanks to share

kelly said...

Thanks so much for spending your time,doing this for us lot.Brilliant tut Rach.

pinky said...

Brilliant Rach, so glad you did your tutorial. I love how you have made the edges of the box much more substantial than the one I would make and it always ends up flapping about. Will be using this from now on. Thanks so much:)

Exclusively by Mel said...

Oh you little beauty Rach!!
Thanks so much. xxx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Rach...really needed this!! HUGS

Vicky said...

Fabby tute sweetie I will put a link on my blog to also saves me doing a tute as I've been asked but yours is a better way hun lol. Hope thats ok hun

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

Sharon Traynor Designs said...

Fab tutorial Rach. Thanks so much for the lid sizes - mine are always too large. I haven't tried this type of box so I'll be giving it a go soon.
Sharon xx

Anonymous said...

Wonderful tutorial Rach...thanks for sharing!
Carole x

Jodi said...

Great tutorial Rach, I have to try this out soon!! Thses are perfect for those flowers and bows that we don't want to smash when mailing.
Jodi =)

Suzilou said...

Woot thanks for this Rach and the information on the card, will be having a go at making these, once I have some card and will be trying out Tina's as well (hmmm now all I need is a scoreboard!) hehe

Sarah said...

Rach, thank you SO MUCH for posting this tutorial. Your cards and boxes just look so fabulous! I can't wait to try making one myself.


jolanda said...

Thank you sooooo much!!!! I just asked you about 2 days ago and here is a tutorial already!! You are amazing! :-)))
a big hug, jolanda

Kasey ~ in Oz said...

Rachel, I'm in awe. I've just discovered your blog and your colouring is awesome! I've just discovered copics and am learning how to use them, thank you for your inspiring art.

I'd love to pass on a Stylish Blogger Award to you. Please visit my blog for details and to collect the award.



Deb said...

it is fantastic, so clear, I will definitely be making some boxes soon! hugs Debx

Sandra said...

Brilliant Rach...and so easy to follow.

San x

Sheila said...

Aww bless you Rach, this is awesome thanks for doing this fab tut, you're the best!.
Sheila xx

Dena said...

Rachel! You are such a sweetie for doing this! Thanks so much for sharing your talent and ideas!
Hugs, Dena

Donna said...

Thanks for sharing Rach, I always feel my boxes are a bit flimsy so will be checking out that card stock. Hugs Donna x

Alice said...

thank you so much fort he tutorial, Rach! i'll have to try this! =)

MarkerGeek said...

Excellent! Will have a go at this over the weekend. :) Thanks for sharing, Rach!

Squirrel x said...

thanks hunny! i've made boxes but had trouble with my corners - looks like i won't have any more problems, mwah! Hugs, Sxx

creacora said...

that looks difficult Rach the inch is not for us easy in the netherlands we have cm
but I think there are many people that can use your tutorial thankx
Hugs Cora

Sam said...

Thanks for the tutorial Rach. Much sturdier than the boxes I make, am off to make one now!
Sam x

Anonymous said...

Brill tut hun, thanks so much, will defo be having a go
Thank you

Sian said...

Great tutorial, thanks for sharing.