Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chasing my tail … again!!

Hiya all, why is it when i decide to do something that it seems such a fabulous idea?…. that is until i am a third of the way through and then decide otherwise…. groan… what am i talking about…. well i made the decision to move my craft stuff back up to the loft… good idea or bad idea… good in the long run, but boy what hard work.. from hefting two desks up two flights of stairs on your own; to countless trips back and forth with stash… and before all that i had to fill all the holes that i had left behind from when i was up there before …….and repaint the loft space… which was a job in itself as i hate sanding.. Sad smile but luckily Ben gave me a hand with that… Smile yay… anyway i am almost there… she says… lol… i have stuff all over the floor etc.. haha.. but i have a clear room downstairs and a clear cupboard as well… Tom has his eye on my old craft room for his bedroom as it is larger than his current room.. he has even worked out the wardrobe and bed that he wants in there and the cost… which he is paying for.. bless him..

All i have to do now is get used to the sloping ceilings and avoid the roof struts again. lol

anyway enough of my rambling.. and onto my card.. Smile


2011_06_19_1852 2011_06_19_1850


Image: © Hanglar and stanglar

papers: ©Magnolia …  ..

Flowers and doily from stash.

dies: spellbinders,

embossing folder.

colouring medium: copics

SKIN: E000-E00-E01-E13-R20….TAIL FIN YR12-YR14-YR16-YR18-E57….TOP: V91-V93-V95-V99….HAIR E41-E42-Y21-E35-E44

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