Friday, January 08, 2016

Change in direction... so say

Wow, right then where to start... 
First off i feel like a newbie on here, haven't a ruddy clue what i'm doing rofl. 
I've tried a few times to get back into colouring, card making but... it just isn't happening. A combination of lack lustre and  no room, my stuff spread in all four corners of the universe... (not actually, but that is what it feels like) what ever the reason it hasn't happened ... not yet anyhoo.
Soooo Ive been trying to fill my idle hands between spending play time with my 2yr nearly 3yr old with things like... knitting, Crocheting and i have just found my love of my sewing machine once more and even more  so the love of the cutest soft toys i can make with my machine... mainly Tilda . Oh my goodness cuteness overload, can't even begin to describe what i'm on with...  well anyway that's what i've been filling a few hours with, as i can't  just sit with nothing to do.... brain races too much. 
Things take me longer to finish these days as i have already mentioned above I have my little bean to entertain in the day now.... to be honest i think that its the other way round and she entertains me.

I'm not sure if i will  be posting on here often or not or even if anyone is even interested. lol 
The long and short of it is that at least i will have a place that i can keep a record of what i have made/done. Time permitting

Ive added a few pics below of what I'm prattling on about. 

 large Tilda Hare/Rabbit in blues and cream colour way.
and another large one in red and cream colour way.

A small Tilda Rabbit.. 

And Lastly a Tilda snail. Pincushion.  

All these are made from Tone Finnanger patterns.
Too cute. 
Take care, and I hope that your all having a lovely day. 

Thank you for dropping by
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Sue said...

Tilda Rabbit is such a cutie,love her change of clothes, I just adore your snail pincushion.
Never worry we will be here when you craft,hugs xx

Rach said...

Thank you Sue. Xx

Susie said...

Lovely to hear from you again. Hope life is better for you. I enjoyed your cards and thought your colouring was wonderfull. You came once to my shop(now closed). So glad you are still being creative.

Renkata said...

wow Rach,
I am also not in bogging , but just today open my blog and what I see post from you..... I thought is that real ��, love to see you again. Great toys. wish you all the best. I do miss your gorgeous cards and coloring.

cats whiskers said...

Hi Hun just found this, love those Rabbits and the Snail, hope all is well with you, your little one is so cute, I have been watching you and her antics on facebook. Keep on with the sewing and crochet your Pink crochet bear was a stunner. Miss you and your blog

Hugs to you all
Jacqui xxx

maddy hill said...

Oh I got all giddy when i noticed you posted ! Lovely to see your still doing some craftyness ! Whenever i come here i know that whatever Rach has been upto it will be ultimate perfection ! and they are ! I too have done the tilda's , the fairytale one is a nice book too. Like you card - making has not entered my craftyness for awhile and fimo is not an option anymore ... so been crocheting ! Glad to hear your still in blogland xx

Rainey's Craft Room said...

These are gorgeous and you definitely look like you are enjoying creating them so, you go girl!
I'm a card maker so would definitely love for you to get back in to card making again but you have to do what works for you.
Happy New Year!